Slavic Humanities Index

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Nadia Zavorotna, MA, MLIs
Director and Co-Founder

About us

What started years ago as a true labor of love has developed into what the Slavic Humanities Index has become today. The initiator of the project and creator of the database is fluent in some Slavic languages, has been learning the others, and works on a daily basis with the rest.

Having extensive experience in Slavic reference service at the University of Toronto Libraries helped to realize the necessity of such database for the field of Central, Eastern, and South-eastern European Studies. Experience in cataloging of Slavic materials aided the development of the database. The creator of the index possesses advanced degrees in the fields of Slavic Studies as well as Information Studies from the University of Toronto.

Our IT staff has wide-ranging experience in database development and administration working in both Canadian public and private sectors.