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Announcing a New Service for Research Libraries

We are pleased to introduce a new service: detransliteration! It is intended for research libraries that use the Library of Congress transliteration system to catalog books and other materials in non-Roman script. We are now offering the service of correcting and detransliterating bibliographic records in the Ukrainian language in your library catalogs. Undoubtedly, creating parallel fields will considerably improve access to and discoverability of the content of your catalog as it will help the faculty, students, researchers, and staff at your institution, who use Cyrillic script to successfully retrieve needed records.

Historically, transliteration was used in research libraries to catalog materials in non-Roman script and then to retrieve records by the users. Nonetheless, the use of transliteration in records creates a barrier for access to your library’s material, especially to those individuals who are used to the original script. Presently, library catalogs can include and retrieve any script, and new materials are mostly cataloged in vernacular languages and by using the Library of Congress transliteration. However, already existing records in catalogs often remain only in transliteration, which makes it hard to retrieve desired resources efficiently. Definitely, searching in the original alphabet would be more effective and user-friendly. Correcting and detransliterating retrospective bibliographic records in your library catalog will remove the factors that limit access to your library’s Ukrainian collections by Ukrainian language faculty, students, researchers, and staff.

Through working on our database for more than a decade, we have gained considerable experience with the automatic transliteration of the Cyrillic script and now we are offering the correcting and detransliterating service to your library. We created a new software that first automatically corrects errors in retrospective records (correction is up to 95 percent accurate) and then detransliterates these bibliographic records. Afterwards, every single record will be reviewed for accuracy by the experienced indexer and the native speaker of the language.

We accept records in any format and will deliver corrected and detransliterated records back to you in the same format and in a timely manner. We offer to review and detransliterate the first 50 records free of charge so you can see the quality of our work. Please contact us by using the form.

What we offer:

  •  Correcting errors in transliterated bibliographic records
  •  Automatically transliterating bibliographic records
  •  Reviewing bibliographic records for accuracy
  •  Submitting bibliographic records in the desired format and in a timely manner

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