Slavic Humanities Index

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About the Database

One of the greatest advantages of the Slavic Humanities Index is that it indexes the most important and current Slavic humanities periodicals into one searchable database. The index currently contains around 225,000 bibliographic citations from around 300 periodicals in twenty one languages. In addition, new periodicals are continuously reviewed and added to the index. Most periodicals are indexed from around 1994 to the current issue, but some select publications are indexed back into the 1980s. In the future, significant periodicals will be indexed retrospectively to provide a more comprehensive research tool.

Compiling all these citations into one database makes cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary research much more efficient and inclusive by allowing researchers to access and search all of these sources at once. These citations provide bibliographic information for researchers to obtain the desired materials through their own libraries or through interlibrary loans.

The index is designed using advanced database software and provides users with immediate and reliable results. The powerful search engine, straightforward interface, and flexible search and sort criteria assist scholars in discovering citations pertinent to their research. The index can be searched for articles by words or phrases in the titles, by author, and by journal title. The index offers a faceted search function that allows users to explore the database by applying multiple filters. Furthermore, the search results can be sorted by title, author, and publication date. Boolean operators and wildcards are both available for more complex searches. In addition, the searches can be narrowed by a range of dates, by the language, or confined to only book reviews. The database can be searched in native alphabets, or using the Library of Congress or ISO-9 scholarly transliteration systems. The dexterity of the search and sort functions of the index allow for scholars to use the database for multifaceted research.

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The Database Includes:

  •  Articles
  •  Book reviews
  •  Primary sources
  •  Official documents
  •  Archival documents
  •  Bibliographies
  •  Literary texts
  •  Poetry
  •  Interviews
  •  Obituaries
  •  Letters to editors
  •  Lists of dissertations
  •  Conference materials
  •  Roundtable discussions
  •  Anniversary celebrations
  •  Information on conferences
  •  Chronicles of scholarly events
  •  Announcements of book launches
  •  Announcements of cultural events